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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

how to set up auto reply on gmail app in 2019(eays ways)

how to set up auto reply on gmail app
how to set up auto reply on gmail app in 2019

Hi friends in this blog i am gonna share with you a that how you can set up auto reply on gmail app so lets start the Article

➠ At frist, open your Gmail and select gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

➠ Now from the options that appear in that dropdown (Setting) to continue........

  You can see many  options at the top, navigate through them and click on the Advanced option and enable Canned Answers

 when you have done this necessary change and scroll down and click save changes

➠ Your account will be updated after need to create a canned template for automatic email response. 

➠ Then, click the triangle icon down in the search bar.....

➠ then, complete all the requirements that must be take into the account when you are sending an automatic reply from Gmail to someone.....

   Once you have completed details for the (Create filter) at the bottom.......

  Now select the answer for such as Send canned response by checking the square box in front of this option. 

➠ Then click (Create filter) to send the automatic Gmail reply in your account.

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