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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How to write a perfect blog post

How to write a perfect blog post

How to write a perfect blog post

Hi friends how are you in this bkog post i will share with you that how you can write a perfect blog without wasting any time lets get started...

Choose blog Niche

First, you have to find a topic for your publication. Maybe it's something you thought about while writing the previous post or something about what you read and you want to share your opinion about it. Something you talked about with a friend or something you heard on the street.............

Choose something about what you would like to write. Do not write about something just because it is considered popular at this time. If you start doing this, then, after a while, you will have no desire to continue writing.

Make a routine for blog the post

Make a routine for the post. It will make writing easier and the article will be more organized. However, it does not have to be too much.........

Think about what you want to write. The headlines of each segment, a couple of ideas for each section and, maybe, think about the examples you want to write. If you want to write a story of some kind, also have a schema for it and I know that this is just a planning, but if you feel like writing some parts of the post, do it. Just follow the flow, because you are not sure you will remember everything you want to say when you are ready to write.

Preview The post before publish it

Before publishing it, you should know that it also looks good on the mobile. So check the publication on your mobile and see how it looks....

Verify it in both directions, although the horizontal orientation is very similar to that of the desktop, so you should not have any problem with that.

Add Video  

You can also add videos to your publications if you wish. If you've seen something relevant lately and want to share it, insert it in your post.

You could do something of your own. I know it may sound scary at first, but why not? Just try it! Yes, at the beginning, the videos may not be perfect, but then, when are they? Over time, it will improve and improve and you will have your own videos on your blog.........

Thank you for read the post..... If you want to know anything then comment i will try to help you.... 

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